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Anduins Wrath is a server that has been around since (2012) it was previously known as Castle Planet under another owner, it was renamed to Anduins Wrath under the Ownership of Lord_Thorin_III, Lord_Dain_II. Below we have a list with our Staff team that can help you if needed. On Anduins Wrath, we strive to make your time on the server as enjoyable as possible. So please come join us, we shall welcome you with open arms for we are a community!


Staff List:
Thorin_The_III Owner Thorin_The_III
Dimej2001 Owner Dimej2001
R3tt0 Owner R3tt0
SlooshyBoi Dev Sloosh
Herald_King Head Admin Herald_King
_Maggo_ Admin/Head Moderator Maggo
Pupputr0n Admin Pupputr0n
Admin AzogTheDefiled
kakashi_w Moderator kakashi_w
Moderator Fancyfrank123
HansDoberschmerts Moderator HansDoberschmert
Moderator Mabds
_Azzreal03_ Moderator/Builder Azrael03
Builder Panzertank2000
Builder Odochi
Builder Garainshoth
Builder BaronVonCHAOS

Server Info[]


Anduins Wrath has a special take on the Lord of The Rings ,trying to be as much lore friendly as possible . We do have our own leader system which is based on not only alignment and strength but cunning and knowledge as well, for only the wise and the strong can lead their people to victory. Any lord can be challenged for the Role of leader via combat, though you might want to gather some allies first before, going into the battle alone can be quite risky. The player base is rather mixed between Good and Evil, but also has a few people that have decided to take a neutral role in the struggle over the land of Middle Earth. A player may choose which side to fight for and can switch if they would like as well though you may not be as accepted as you would hope.

How to Join:[]

To join our server you'll need to download the Mod-pack from the Curseforge App it is under the Name Anduins Wrath (link provided above). While you're downloading why don't you come to join our discord . After the download has finished click on Multiplayer and the server should already be there. If you experience any problems please contact us on Discord or VIA the Email provided above.

Rules of the Server[]

General rules, rulership and conquest:

Building on waypoints:

Application to build on waypoints:

Rules of Discord[]

1) No racism, respect others.

2) No sexism, same as above.

3) No alienating others based on race, sex, creed, political beliefs or nationality.

4) Respect the server members/staff.

5) Do not excessively spam pictures and/or messages.

6) No blocking Moderators of the Server due to disabling their ability to moderate efficiently - if there is an issue with a moderator please contact an Owner.

7) Do not ping roles unless otherwise permitted/instructed. There is no need to do so, if you wish to post an announcement please contact a moderator.

8) Please do not advertise other Discord Servers outside the community.

9) No excessive use of caps.


Go here for our Factions

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